Thursday, 30 December 2010

A New Year deserves a New Look!

...Gotta love the new Blogger templates!

Well, I had a little time over Christmas to assess what I wanted to do with this 'ere blog. Over recent months where time and inspiration have been prohibitive in equal measures, I have used the blog as a portal only, to view links from the blogs I've been following.

But this amateur eye is not yet ready to close, ohhhh no! Instead, I want to take a more refined look at the things that genuinely catch my eye and post only the photos I deem worthy from my own collection. I'm also hoping to run another blog in tandem, focusing on the things for which I'm thankful (very much inspired by Lindsey at a GreatFull day and Nikki and her girls' Month of Gratitude on WhiMSyLove. These blogs particularly inspired me to take stock of the everyday things I take for granted when I'm too busy griping about public transport and feeling neglected to realise that I'm lucky to have a job to travel to, and that I have friends in the first place. And so on.

So A Year of Thanks will hopefully run alongside Amateur Eye, and feature on here as well in part.

The weekly (manageable?) "agenda" for Amateur Eye will look like this:

Tuesday: Top 10... (could be the Top 10 of anything in my weird little mind -- songs listened to in August, typefaces, actors of the 1990s, websites... anything!)
Thursday: Thanks Day Thursday -- a direct link to A Year of Thanks
Friday: Photo Day -- either featuring a photo I admire by a fellow blogger or Flickr-er (!) or one of mine

Let's see how it goes...

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