Saturday, 2 April 2011

Choses que j'aime

Things I currently love:

(* aside from pretentiously giving my blog posts titles in French)
(** and aside from typography)

1. Kinder Surprises

Image (originally posted by Fla/bloody solution) found at we heart it via tumblr

2. Crackly jazz recordings of musical greats from the 1920s-50s from the Open Music Archive and Jazz Online 

Image of Ella Fitzgerald found here at

3. Moleskines

Image from the official Moleskine® UK site

4. Hats – cloche hats have a special place in my heart

Image from US Vogue, September 2007, styled by Grace Coddington, shot by Steven Meisel, via Pink Patent Mary Janes

5. (Re)discovering Hitchcock films – see my previous post

Image: still from DVD, Rebecca (1940)

6. Animating little stop-motion/stills movies

Image: from Boogie Shoes, a little film I made... of dancing shoes. As you do.

7. Chalkboards

Image from IKEA UK

8. Stationery

Image of Sydney in Staples Stationery via

9. Geek chic

Image from via The Fashion Worshiper

...Just read on IMDB that the new release of The Great Gatsby (2012), featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan, will be directed by Baz Luhrmann! Hurrah!

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