Monday, 3 January 2011

Staring into space... something I do less of these days because who has time? But with the new 'work year' (and subsequently, official blog entries) kicking off tomorrow, this QB has decided it's high time to update her inspiration board. (I <3 Bank Holidays!)

Here are just a few of the postcards currently gracing my pin- and magnetised boards at the moment:

From the top:
  • Automat, Edward Hopper (1927)
  • 'Camp' Coffee advertisement (date unknown but WWII era)
  • Le Jugement de Paris, George Barbier (1923)
  • Only Boring People Get Bored, Diane Bielik (unknown but picked up at university circa 1997!)
  • Dusty Springfield at the BBC flyer from the 1960s? 1970s?
It's a slightly mixed bag but Hopper and Barbier are there to indulge my slight 1920s fetish at the moment, following my purchase of a little black cloche just before Christmas. It's the little things. The Camp Coffee ad just tickles me, and the Diane Bielik print keeps me in check if I'm ever prone to complain of boredom -- a rarity now but sometimes it happens...

And the Dusty Springfield flyer is just a bit retro cool. Managed to wangle this from my mother who couldn't quite understand why I wanted it in all its orange/sepia glory.

Last night I watched The September Issue on DVD and am now coveting the September 2007 Vogue itself to see first-hand Grace Coddington's gorgeous (albeit edited-down!) 1920s shoot, elements of which can be found here on the Swing Fashionista blog, and shot by Steven Meisel.

So... what to watch tonight for inspiration? Hmm...

Oh, by the way... Happy New Year! :)


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