Friday, 8 April 2011

Dies sind einige meiner Lieblings-Dinge ... *

* Disclaimer: I don't speak German.
** Disclaimer: I am in a codependent relationship with Google Translate.
*** Disclaimer: It's supposed to read, "These are a few of my favourite things..." because, people... (person?) ...I'm very likely to be going to Salzburg in the summer for a coupla days of full-on Sound of Music immersion, Mozart appreciation, and Austrian coffee. YAY! Expect to see me doing this on a mountaintop!

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Odd decision given Salzburg didn't even make my list but... spurred on by my Swedish friend Caroline's suggestion that we meet there, and my propensity to jump on a bandwagon and make attempts to be more spontaneous, it looks like a PLAN. And I'm excited! I dug out my Sound of Music DVD and found a couple of documentaries on the second disk including Salzburg: Sight and Sound, presented by the then 22-year-old Charmian Carr, "Liesl" in SoM. It's fabulously dated (filmed in between Carr's days on set, in 1965 or thereabouts) but the city looks beautiful and inviting even now in shots.

all grabs from the Salzburg: Sight and Sound documentary
on The Sound of Music additional DVD
And in other news: I'm developing a music-crush on Doris Day. Having found some tracks on Jazz Online I'm absolutely hooked. Have taken to dancing spontaneously in the style of old musicals on my way to work to the likes of Que Sera Sera and A Bushel and a Peck. Full, full appreciation.

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The Curious Cat said...

Hey! See you've been blogging a fair bit and I have missed out! How are you hun? So nice to hear from you! I went to see Kasia this weekend in Oxford and I asked her if she'd seen you much. Be so nice to meet up at some point. Are you still at the same job? How are things? xxx

quirky brunette said...

Hey, you!! How are you? Ha, I'm still not blogging as much as I'd like but blogging more of what I'd like, I think!!!! Yeah, I'm good, thanks! Still in the same place but a senior now (maternity cover!). Aaah, how was Miss Kasia? I'm back on the Book of Faces after Easter so if you're still on there I'll email you both! xxx