Sunday, 25 May 2008

Night Fever

I took the camera up to London last night with the intention of capturing a shot of car headlights blurring, a real city scene. Of course London is so saturated by light now that everything around the cars would be too visible, and the effect would be lost.

I did, however, take a few shots, a couple of which I'm posting on here. I took them without the flash, and at an ISO of 200. In September, when the fairground comes back to town, I want to recreate the carousel shot (but without protective fencing and tree obstruction) - this was my favourite. I'm hypnotised by fairgrounds, their hypnotic gaudiness, the excess of light, noise and motion.


Mom said...

I am a photographer too, you have a good eye.

Mom said...

I have two blogs just on this one right now. Have a photographers blog called Making Memories Photography