Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Street and Studio Exhibition - Tate Modern, London

Went to see the Street and Studio exhibition of urban photography at the Tate Modern today and it fired me up completely - made me want to sit in subtle corners and take countless photos of passers-by and pay the extortionate price of a permit to photograph the London Underground (maybe one day...)!

Do go and see the exhibition if you have a chance. It's quite pricey at £10 a ticket (some concessions) but the exhibition is generous and jam-packed, with photos of urban and street life dating from the mid-19th century to today. Some disturbing WeeGee images of corpses in New York City but also some striking Diane Arbus shots (Child with Toy Hand Grenade) being one of them.

Meanwhile... below are a couple of my shots of the Turbine Hall - a wonderful, vast industrial-size space, in this building that was previously the Bankside Power Station (hence the huge chimney).

Also - the BFI (I think!) on the South Bank - not sure what the steel structures are but I like them!

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