Friday, 19 February 2010

A place, where nobody dared to go...

Hmm, OK, I think maybe when I said I'd post about all the pretty things I'd come across, I should have added the words "darn kitsch" after "pretty". Having stumbled upon some truly beautiful blogs since I've been in the blogosphere, I know that what catches my eye is not necessarily pretty but sometimes a little weird and, yep, kitsch! Like this Official Souvenir Programme for... XANADU! Pretty darn kitsch indeed.

Not sure how I came by this but I suspect I picked it up at a film collectors' fair somewhere, back in the 1990s (when I still thought that Grease was the pinnacle of all possible films, and nobody could tell me otherwise). I watched Xanadu again the other day and was struck by how absolutely bad it is (to the point of being good, of course); how much of a vehicle it was for ONJ and how Gene Kelly, you know, Gene Kelly of On the Town and, yuhuh, Singin' in the Rain, got involved in this project! (One final ponderance -- Michael Beck? Where'd he go after he and his implausibly short shorts skated off into the sunset? ...Ah. "Diagnosis: Murder" and "Nash Bridges", according to my beloved oracle IMDB.)

I admit, I do love the film and I love the 'Whenever You're Away From Me' dance sequence in Danny's huge old house... Oh and the 1940s/80s fusion 'Dancin''.

And I'm now old enough to appreciate just how darn kitsch the whole thing really is!

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