Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Please may I have a badge maker of my very own? Please?

I borrowed a badge maker from a work friend for the weekend and my goodness I had some fun with it, to the point of somewhat embarrassing regression. Seriously

Five days later and these (above) are what I have to show for my efforts with the stampy-cranky machine which looks a bit like this. The Space Invader badge (perfect for provoking violence on a crowded train...) is a bit off centre (OK, very -- and how squiffy is the shot itself?! Bad. Bad.).

But I'm crazily proud of my WORD NERD badge, and the Craft Queen badge I made for my pal at the owl and the party hat! Less enamoured of my b seen badge but it's a start!

Oh and ... I should explain that "Fit as Biscuits" is a very arbitrary expression that a friend of mine invented about five years ago and which I rather took to. Takes some explaining as I'm not sure biscuits can possibly be fit (in the way that, say, Dominic Cooper or Hugh Jackman may be) but ... anyway. It makes a quirky badge, and with it I plan to bring the expression to the masses.

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Shaun Hume said...

They are surely cool.