Sunday, 25 April 2010

Come Dine With qb

One of my latest obsessions (which has overridden the obsession with How Clean is Your House on a Sunday afternoon) is Come Dine With Me, the Channel 4 series that profiles four or five individuals as they attempt to cook and host a meal for the other competitors on the show... Not sure I've described this very well so check out this site for more deets.

I am a recent convert of the programme, anyway, and as with most fans the biggest draw is the very funny, sarcastic voice-over-man, Dave Lamb. Barbed genius. Aaaaaanyway. I decided to attempt a new recipe just for myself last week and ... here are the visuals. Pork and red pepper spaghetti bolognese from Sainsbury's -- I was dang proud of the outcome. Tasted magnificent. ...Vegetarians: look away, NOW.

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