Sunday, 12 June 2011

Plus les choses que j'aime

(More) things I currently love:

1. Love Soup series 1 on DVD

Come on, Alice, come on, Gil, get (it) together!

2. Decadent weekend breakfasts

(Coffee + waffles = cwoffles)

3. Typewriter stamp set

Fun and messy type effects from here

4. Being a Brighton Belle

Photo by my friend Jo Halstead; posed ridiculously by me in a very similar outfit to the one thrown together here...! (Trilby out of shot -- was too windy to wear it on the Pier!)

5. Playing DJ

Currently compiling a playlist for a church party next month! Cheesy pop and rock being the order of the day...

6. Seeberger cloche

From Mad Hatters, Brighton. LOVE it.

7. Making countless summer music playlists

Because aside from smell, music is one of the best triggers of memory. IMO. And if I ever want to recapture my happiness this summer, the music'll do it. Mostly Glee covers, bit of old disco, that sort of thing.

8. Richard Marx.

Bit in love right now in case my previous post didn't quite capture that. :-) Especially watching YouTube clips of him and Hugh Jackman hanging out together... ooooh...

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