Thursday, 11 August 2011

Moving sideways. Sort of like a crab.

Just a short note to say that the Amateur Eye is having a "mid-year" identity crisis -- as if the New Year one wasn't enough.

Basically I'm still struggling to pin down a purpose for Amateur Eye as I do think it's segued a little into musiclove, 101%-justified Richard Marx appreciation, and just generally non-photography subjects of late.

Sooo once again I'm reining in the Eye a little, and shuffling sideways into a new blog I'm calling, well, quirky brunette. Please come and join me as I waffle on about things that aren't photography, recommend films, books, odd songs off Spotify, that crush on Richard Marx, and maybe even post more videos of doe-eyed 60s and 70s female singers.

AE will still run, but will have more focus on photography and photographers, and fewer, "well, strike me roan, maybe my nose isn't so hideous after all" musings -- that's what quirky brunette will be for.

Hopefully see you there!

qb xx

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