Monday, 26 December 2011

Celebrations and Migrations

A few little scenes from my Christmas Eve and Day:

I admit it. Despite my bestest intentions this time last year, I have been a comparatively slack blogger here on AE, largely because I've become doubly critical of my own shots (some real blurrers of late due to my kit lens' autofocus function becoming, er, defunct).

I find it difficult to focus manually and I blame this on my eyesight -- I'm long-sighted but have had a squint since birth. Despite having a couple of operations to correct it when I was a kidlet sometimes I just can't focus through the viewfinder. Ergo blurgo.

Anyway... I've also been blogging over at Dater Overload, my account of the perks and perils (mostly perils) of dating, which has also been somewhat neglected only due to lack of Dates about which to Blog.

BUT! I'm determined to pull out my finger this year (from where, who knows) and blog a little more. Not that my life is a cacophony of excitement, but because I love being part of the blogosphere, I love all the creativity herein, and the inspiration, and the Pinspiration (LOVE Pinterest...). I just need to focus more, and find coherence.

This may, then, mean a migration from this 'ere site over to my other earmarked blog, quirky brunette, which I started, abandoned, deleted, recovered, and have kept on the backburner until such a time as I decide what the heckipeck to post on it.

Watch this space... or the other one. Not sure yet...

qb xxx

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