Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Top 10 Tuesday #6!

Me (during the ad break in Glee): So... what should I do as my next Top 10 Tuesday?
Friend Caro: Adverts! Top 10 adverts!

Top 10... Adverts

I actually avoid adverts whenever possible so... I don't have many favourites! Most of these are from the dim and distant past; adverts I didn't hide behind the sofa to avoid!

In no strict order!

10. Ohhh-ohhhh, Vitalite | Vitalite

 9. Lionel Richie | Walkers Crisps (I was looking for the ad, in Swedish, with Ulrika Jonsson but alas. This is still pretty good though!)

8. Creature Comforts

7. Fruit and Nut Case | Cadbury's Fruit & Nut

6. Total Eclipse! | Jaffa Cakes

5. Yeah! Yeah! | Phones 4 U

4. Wyclef Jean, I'm Arrestin' You... | Virgin Mobile

3. Secret Lemonade Drinker | R Whites Lemonade

2. Mr Soft | Soft Mints

1. If You Like a Lot of Chocolate... | Club Biscuits (The Wizard of Oz)

[Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of these companies! I just like the adverts. 'K? :)]

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