Saturday, 26 February 2011

Tray tray cool et tray tray chic

OK, so I had a little break, had a little think, had a little confidence boost from a friend and am resurrecting Amateur Eye with the proviso that I don't feel compelled to post gratuitously every other day!

So... a couple of weeks ago I made a trip to IKEA for... I forget exactly: I'm determined to undertake a massive framing/reframing project at home so I was looking round the framing department when I spotted these absochuffing fabulous postcards:

Kort postcards, designed by Maria Dahlgren

These are rocking my designer-wannabe world at the moment. I had to make a return visit yesterday (yes, to IKEA... I have a Problem!) to pick them up, to ensure I had them. Am planning to frame Stockholm and Göteborg as two cities I've visited.

And then! And then! By some freakish coindicence today I was Googling "apple mugs" to track down some foxy little graphic mugs I spotted in Stylist magazine months ago... and ended up on the Hus & Hem store site where, lo and behold, all I could see were Maria Dahlgren prints on trays and tea towels, like this:

London tray designed by Maria Dahlgren from here

I think I'm in love.

(Lyrics cribbed lovingly from: Tres Tres Chic | Mocean Worker)

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